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Android News App

Android News App – This time the Admin will provide a free download link for all of you loyal visitors to the Pudora web, this is a very good source code, what application is that? here it is Android News App, a mobile News App running under Android platform which you can use for your own news app. In fact, Admin also uses this application to create Pudora Android applications.

This app is developed with Native Java Language which makes the app run fast and smoothly. Already Implemented Google Material Design and made the app more attractive in terms of design and user experience.

This application is integrated with the Admin Panel to manage news, categories, notifications, and much more, you can change, add and even add them at any time. And from the side of the Administrator panel, it was developed using the PHP programming language and also with the MySQL database.

Let’s see in detail below :

Android News App
Android News App

And those are some screenshots for this application, for a live demo you can see the description below . According to Admin itself this app has clean Code and good design, and that is the main priority of this app, by using this app, you can save your money and time in making app for your own native mobile news app. What are you waiting for, please download the source code right now!

Demo : HERE

Download this source code for free at here :

Thank you for Pudora’s loyal visitors, that’s how I made this article and if you want to ask something, please write a comment for this article below.

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