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IonWordPress – WordPress full Integrated mobile app

IonWordpress – This time the Admin will provide a free download link for all of you loyal visitors to the Pudora web, this is a very good source code, what application is that? here it is IonWordpress – WordPress full Integrated mobile app, this is a high quality mobile app template built with Ionic Framework, This app takes content from a site with CMS WordPress and puts it inside the app.

However, you should have added some of the necessary plugins to your WordPress site and know how to build Ionic apps. And if that is done then you will have a mobile app ready to go. This app has many components, plugins, and examples so you can easily build the kind of app you need the way you want.

Let’s see in detail below:

ionWordpress - WordPress full Integrated mobile app
ionWordpress – WordPress full Integrated mobile app

And those are some screenshots for this application, for a live demo you can see the description below :

According to the information admin read, This App uses SASS, which is basically CSS with superpowers. Each component has a dedicated and partially well structured sass file with independent variables so you can have maximum modularity, flexibility and customizability.

This app uses the Ionic framework which is definitely an open source front-end SDK for developing hybrid mobile apps using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Ionic is focused on apps primarily on the look and feel, and UI interactions of your app.

Cordova is a platform to build Native Mobile Applications using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

Demo : HERE

Download this source code at here

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