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Maths Practice Mobile App

Maths Practice Mobile App – Great game for great minds!! Maths Practice app is basically designed keeping in mind the target audience and provides a fun way to enhance users maths skills. Aims of this game is to improve your maths mental exercise and improve speed your calculation in a fun way.

In this game you have to just match and make equals number that displays on the top corner. For example if it displays 18 then you have to choose a number from square box which gives 18, like (9+9) or (6*3).

Android Side:
– Provides two options Addition and Multiplication.
– Easy and Hard Mode. Easy for no time limit and hard where have to complete one sum in 15 sec.
– All parameter can be customised changed.
– Play Over unlimited level.
– Google Admob Integration.
– Easy and Attractive design.
– Full android source code.

Maths Practice Mobile App
Maths Practice Mobile App

You Will Get:
– Full Android source code
– All PSD Design that will help you to re-screen app
– Full Document of project that explain step by step process.

Full Source Code will be provide also written comment on all code for understand code.

We will provide basic project setup process service but if you need additional help then that service will be chargeable.


Download this source code of project at here :

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