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phpVibe v4.0 – Professional Video and Media CMS

PHPVibe v4.0 is evolving!

PHPVibe’s project is becoming a fully free project, a project marked “community-powered”. No worries, commercial plugins, themes are going to remain available.*

Between 2011 and 2018 (before the switch to PHPVibe was developed by us (Marius “Mario” Patrascu and Alexandru “Alexander” Cristian).
Back then it has grown to power so many websites, we’ve never even imagined this when we’ve released a free video cms in 2009 (PHPVibe’s precursor: ZubbeTube).
Now it’s back in our hands, and yours!

Why Open Source and community-powered?

With this change we hope to ensure that more developers can get involved and open the platform to more possibilities and fewer limits. The ones induced by lacking manpower have been clear in the last 2 years (and are normal as we both now have a full time job outside of MediaVibe).
It will help develop more features, answer questions in the community, directly submit code, features, bug fixes, and ideas.

PHPVibe – Professional Video and Media CMS

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PHPVibe lite takes care of the many needs your new video portal will challenge you with, but doesn’t save any video on your hosting! Don’t worry there is still tons of features to enjoy! It has all the features of the MediaVibe CMS (PHPVibe PRO) except the video upload and ffmpeg conversion, the image sharing and music components.

It comes bundled with the powerful Youtube importer and automated tasks for it. All the video sources (link shared videos with automated embed generator) and a link to mp4 (for remotely hosted video files).

This takes care of the many needs your new video portal will challenge you with!Online videos are still a very profitable niche. If you plan a video website for video uploads, video blog, corporate video platform, or simply wish to own a piece of the wide video market, consider this as your starting point.this runs on PHP and SQL.Make sure you check out for more details on this product.

PHPVibe lite takes care of the many wishes your new video portal will project you with, however doesn’t store any video on your hosting! Don’t worry there is nevertheless tons of points to enjoy! It has all the aspects of the MediaVibe CMS (PHPVibe PRO) without the video add and ffmpeg conversion, the photo sharing and song components.


Download :

Google Drive : phpVibe v4.0 – Professional Video and Media CMS

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