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Anthurium Warocqueanum

Anthurium Warocqueanum, commonly known as the queen anthurium, is a species of plant in the genus Anthurium. Native to Colombia, it is grown in more temperate climates as a greenhouse or houseplant for its long, ornamental foliage. For a long time, I was not a big Anthurium fan. This genus of around 1000 species was not very appealing to me. Houseplant

I was into Monstera plants and slowly transitioned into heartleaf-shaped Philodendron. Anthuriums didn’t interest me at all. It all changed once I received my first Anthurium, the Anthurium warocqueanum. The Anthurium Warocqueanum can grow immense leaves under proper care. The leaves on this plant are pendent and as thick as cardboard and have dark green velvety leaf blades. Thick and sturdy leaves are called coriaceous in plant botany terms.

Anthurium Warocqueanum

Anthurium Warocqueanum care is what I want to talk about in this article as there are very few resources online and offline that highlight all relevant aspects from soil to watering to problems with this plant. This houseplant is often referred to as the Queen Anthurium. Never have I seen a more stunning leaf. Buy Cheap Anthurium Warocqueanum

Naming it the Queen Anthurium as the Anthurium Veitchii is called the King Anthurium is a fair point, although some people will refer to it as the King. There is a dark form and the regular form of Anthurium Warocqueanum, as well as wider and more narrow forms, are discussed. Anthurium is the largest genus in the Araceae family with a big diversity across north-western South America.

Other plants in this family are the Monstera genus with plants such as the Monstera Deliciosa and all the Philodendron plants such as the Philodendron Gloriosum. The name Anthurium Warocqueanum was chosen to honor the Belgian plant friend M. Warocqué. Anthurium belongs to the section cardiolonchium as do the Anthurium Crystallinum and Anthurium magnificum. This link for check of Anthurium Clarinervium

Anthurium Warocqueanum Pusat Download Area
Anthurium Warocqueanum – Pusat Download Area

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The Anthurium Warocqueanum distribution is central to western Colombia according to the University of Connecticut, where it grows in the lowlands and valleys in the Depts. of Antioquia and Choco and Valle. These plants are growing epiphytic in lower mountain regions as well as rainforest from elevations of about 660 feet – 4600 feet (200m – 1400m).

I am myself still learning how to provide the best care for this stunning indoor plant but will go into watering, temperature, humidity, and all the other aspects of houseplant care. The care for the Queen Anthurium is certainly not easy and not suggested for the beginner. They can be quite particular in terms of watering and humidity needs and need a special soil mix to thrive.

Anthurium Warocqueanum Plant Care Guide

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