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Liquid – Flexible Web Design

Liquid – Flexible Web Design – The layout of a website that applies liquid is based on a percentage of the current browser window size. This technology flexes the size of the browser window, even the current display resizes the browser automatically when a visitor is viewing a website.

The fluid layout allows a very efficient use of the space provided by a given web browser window depending on the monitor resolution. This technology is preferred by web designers who have a lot of information available in a limited space, as they remain consistent in the relative page size and weight of the people viewing the website pages.

On the other hand, some web designers may not use fluid design for various reasons, but often overlook some of the benefits of using fluid layouts. Here are some pros and cons reasons to consider in designing liquid-based website pages.

Liquid - Flexible Web Design
Liquid – Flexible Web Design


  • The design of the liquid-based website page looks more user-friendly because it adjusts user settings.
  • The amount of extra white space is similar between all browsers and screen resolutions, which becomes more visually appealing.
  • If designed properly, the liquid layout can eliminate horizontal scroll bars in smaller screen resolutions.


  • The designer has less control over what the user sees and can ignore the problem because the layout looks good on their specific screen resolution.
  • Images, videos, and other types of content with set widths may need to be adjusted in some cases to accommodate different screen resolutions.
  • With very large resolutions, lack of content can create excess white space which can detract from the aesthetic.

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